Welcome to America!

We started our journey in North America on Route 66 in 2002.

The idea was to bring original signs, neon lights and building materials, so that as soon as you cross our doorstep, you will feel as if you were in America.

The meals from our kitchen, typical of America, such as steaks, burgers, ribs and sandwiches enhance this experience. In our menu, you may also find classic European meals.

Our passion is beer. We guarantee, that you will get the freshest, unpasteurized beer straight from the tanks. Neverthless, we have not forgotten the whiskey, rum and mixed drink lovers.

Route 66 is not only a restaurant. There is Gameroom 66 at our second floor, which gains the best fun one can experience.

You can find about 50 interactive games and simulators there. You play to collect tickets, which allows you to buy planty of comodities from our store. as long as beverages or specialties from our kitchen.

No matter where you are on your journey, we will meet on Route 66.

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